Why I Travel the Way I Travel

  • I travel alone most of the time. Being alone gives me the space to discover things at my own speed. It gives me the freedom to do what I want. Don’t get me wrong, I also travel with other people but the experiences would not be the same. I find everything more intense when I am alone on the road.

Me taking photos in Jerusalem, 2014.


  • I buy a book (mostly a novel in English) whenever I am in another country. This allows me to roam endlessly in different bookstores to enjoy the atmosphere and to see what kind of books local people read. Last purchase was in St. Louis, USA, January 2015: Best American Short Stories 2014. Quite a good read.

  • I send postcards to my family, friends and myself. In most cases I send them just before I have to leave because I want to recapitulate and summarize everything in a few sentences.

My parents’ fridge with some of the postcards sent by me and my sister when we are on the road.

  • I learn the basics of the language spoken in the country that I visit: this gives me the chance to talk to locals. One of the best parts of an adventure in another country! Tip: YouTube is a very good source.

  • I take a picture of an apple with the visited place in the background: it gives me the feeling that NYC is always with me wherever I go.

Big apple with Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco 2013.

  • I don’t have a plan when I travel: having plans will not allow me to enjoy randomness which I love every much. In fact, it’s randomness that makes a journey more interesting.

Why sticking to a plan when you can roam aimlessly? Like this stray dog in Addis Ababa, 2013.


  • I walk most of the time: walking is the best way for me to discover a foreign place. Period.

    Just me and the road. Well, almost. Kyoto, 2010.

    What about you, fellow travelers? Any special behaviours when you are on the road?

10 thoughts on “Why I Travel the Way I Travel

    • Hey fellow traveler, Thanks very much for your kind comment. I visited your page but somehow I couldn’t comment on your texts. Happy travelling wherever you are!

    • Absolutely! Glad that there are a few people out there like you who understand it. Happy traveling then!

  1. My bones are too old to travel around. But in my younger ages I enjoyed it very much. Sometimes I have to go alone by myself and tried to make the best out of it. And usually my journeys began lonely and ended up with new friends, of course singing and drinking all the time :D. Especially the new travel acquaintances with beautiful girls gave me many of afterglows.

    Most of my friends thought it would be a waste of time, because there was no “happy endings” with the girls, but I treasure my experiences and feelings very much.

    My penny worthing thought is, if you travel alone too much, it is link you dont have another choice. You use them as an excuse for you loneliness. Anyways you can live as you like. No one can criticise that.

    And you penny? Do you ever feel like a plastic bag….?

    • Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. I never use them as an excuse for my loneliness though. Also, your bones are never to old to travel around. In fact, even my Mom travels with me once a year. Hope all is well with you wherever you are.
      Ps. I’m not sure what you mean with ‘And you penny? Do you ever feel like a plastic bag….?’ Perhaps you could elaborate on it a little bit?

  2. My travel style is pretty similar to yours, although I don’t shoot a photo of an apple! I do agree about the experience of traveling alone and without a plan. And actually about learning a bit of the language, too. It really does change the type of experience you have and it does allow you to see a slightly wider slice of life in your destination.

    • Thanks for sharing your thought with me! Glad that we have a few things in common. Happy traveling!

  3. I recently “discovered” the sprit of slow traveling. I really enjoy food so I would usually check out a local eatery first thing. Like you visiting the local book store I wanted to learn about the local flavors and got a chance to talk to the people. Ps: have you read The Beauty of Humanity Movement?

    • Ah finally a foodie on my blog. Thanks for the recommendation. I will definetely check it out soon. I took a look at the summary of the book. Sounds quite interesting.

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