Blog Rules


Thank you for visiting my blog. Please keep in mind that:

  • If you know me: You don’t need to greet me with my real name. This means that you don’t need to write:  “Hi/hello the_author’s_real_name, I was wondering if […]”. In fact, I prefer a simple and short “hi.”
  • If you don’t know me: See ” if you know me.”
  • The texts written in this blog are in English, German and Vietnamese. The choice of language is determined by my mood. Sometimes I feel that certain things should be expressed in certain languages or otherwise they will lose their authenticity. I don’t provide translations. If you don’t understand a word, just google it. Thank you.
  • Some close friends and acquaintances will be mentioned in this blog. In order to keep their privacy I will call them as: Bunny1, Bunny2, Buddy1, Buddy2, etc.  (the numbers are based on the alphabetical order of their real names)
  • I will try my best to update this blog 2-3x per month.
  • I can be reached at ht.onair AT gmail DOT com

5 thoughts on “Blog Rules

  1. Great blog! I also absolutely LOVE New York, and hope to move there within the next few years:) But agreed, Berlin is great as well…Keep up the great writing!!

  2. Thanks for your comment! I really enjoy reading your blog…. I’ve been to Vietnam a few years ago as well and loved it!! Enjoy your travels

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