How Everything Began…


I guess the beginning of this blog can be traced back to September, October/November 2010. At that time I just finished my studies and made preparations for my stay in Jakarta. Normally I yearn for the raw and unrefined feeling of unpredictable adventures but this time the situation was not normal. My mind was occupied with other things. I just got out of a very weird and complicated “non-relationship relationship-nrr.” This is a very bad and vague description of what happened coming from someone who loves details but I really don’t know how else to call it. It was surreal and happened too fast or perhaps I was just too dense to understand what was going on. Anyway, the point is: I somewhat experienced the taste of loss and couldn’t enjoy my stay in Hanoi before heading off to Jakarta. To make matters worse, my stay in Hanoi was terrible because:

– sleeping on the bed where your Mom probably conceived you more than a quarter of a century ago was NOT nice.

– having relatives who pampered you like a baby and at the same time asked you about your marriage plan or the lack thereof was also NOT nice.

– getting lectures (from your aunts!) on the traditional role of women/wives etc. was NOT nice at all.

I just wanted to get away. ASAP.

The only good thing was that I told bà ngoại about my nrr. Here is what she had to say about it: “Cha bố cô, lăng nhăng nó vừa vừa thôi !”*

Two weeks later, I could finally escape my Hanoian madness and arrived in Jakarta. It was October, just one day before The Millennial Anniversary of Hanoi (10/10/2010). For the first time in my life I really saw the effect of mass media on our perception of reality. It saddened me to see how such a beautiful country like Indonesia can be reduced to terrorism, natural disasters and extremism, etc. In fact, the first thing that my relatives in Vietnam told me when I mentioned to them that Indonesia would be my next stop was that I should be careful because it’s a dangerous place.

Anyway, back to the how-this-blog-came-to-life story. After my arrival in Jakarta, I finally took a break from writing because of the troubles it had brought me. In fact, writing was the main reason why I got involved in this nrr thing. So yes, something new had to come in. I opted for music and bought my first guitar in Jakarta. (Terima kasih, er…deni hanca. You are a true inspiration). Thanks to YouTube I’m now able to play some chords  and even had the crazy idea to perform at Bunny 3’s wedding but that’s another story.** But to tell you the truth: I have ached in the absence of written words. How long was long enough? It has been more than a year so I’ve decided to go back to do what I actually love. To make up for the “lost” time this blog will also deal with all the trips since my arrival in Jakarta. Accordingly some of them are only recollections and might lack details but I will try my best to capture them with my words though. Thank you.

* Had I not known any better, I would say that bà ngoại is more than awesome. You will read more about her awesomeness in other posts. Stay tuned.

** Update (15/01/2012): I couldn’t perform at Bunny 3’s wedding due to a chain of unfortunate events. In order to make up for this I had to play guitar and sing a song (Halo) at Bunny 2’s birthday party (in a pink dress). The original idea aka Bunny 1’s evil plan was to perform at Alexanderplatz  (Berlin) but Bunny 3 took pity on me since it was very cold on that Saturday.